Supplements to Take During the Candida Cleanse

>As you work through your Candida cleanse, the vegetables you eat will provide a certain amount of fiber that will pull toxins from your body through the process of elimination when you have a bowel movement. There are, of course, additional supplements to add to your diet during that phase in order to get maximum results.

Fiber Supplements

We’ve discussed fiber supplements before, but it’s important to note that they’re essential to the success of your ultimate cleanse. The longer fecal waste stays in your intestines, the more likely it is to become a great, warm place for the Candida organism to hide. So even if that fecal matter has absorbed tons of toxins, it’s still in your body. Fiber works not only to absorb toxins, but to keep your intestines moving so you eliminate them.

The use of a fiber supplement should not leave you running towards the bathroom with fear. The goal of a good fiber supplement is not constipation nor diarrhea. You should be able to pass comfortable bowel movements while taking a fiber supplement. And remember, fiber supplements work best when paired with plenty of water.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk powder is an alternative form of fiber you might choose to use instead of other forms; though you’ll probably find that many fiber blends contain at least a little bit of psyllium husk within them. Psyllium combines with water and expands into something called mucilage. The mucilage moves through your intestines, causing your fecal matter to bulk up and pass through. The good news is that psyllium husk also softens your stool, so this isn’t a painful process at all.

Psyllium, as a matter of fact, is often preferred for just that reason. It doesn’t cause the type of bloating or cramping that laxatives might. This is a great alternative but should be avoided if you have a digestive disorder that irritates the digestive tract, like a legitimate case of IBS.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay comes from volcanic ash, which has an incredible ability to absorb things but can’t be absorbed by the body at all. As bentonite clay passes through your body, it can collect some of the toxins the Candida has released but those toxins aren’t reabsorbed during the digestive process. The fiber you take will clean up your intestines and the bentonite will “catch” any of the extra toxins.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is an incredibly helpful supplement to keep on hand as it is very good for alleviating the discomfort associated with Candida die-off. As the toxins flush you’re your body, you are likely to experience nausea, stomach discomfort, headaches, and several other symptoms. Milk thistle helps to support your liver in ridding the body of toxins, thus reducing the severity of your die-off symptoms.

Vitamin C

People have been telling you to take vitamin C throughout your entire life, and this instance will be no different. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, supports your adrenal glands, supports your immune system, and boosts the stomach acids that can slow the growth of the Candida albicans organism.

Antifungal Supplements

Antifungal supplements, combined with the antifungal foods you’re eating, will help to create a faster die-off of the Candida organism. If the Candida die-off symptoms are too severe, you might want to consider reducing your dosage or stopping them for a short period of time. You have several antifungal agents in your body already, so reducing one for a short period of time will merely allow you to readjust before adding them back into your routine. The best antifungal during and after the candida cleanse is canxidaremove by canxida health.

Take supplements carefully and make sure you spread them out so that you don’t make yourself ill. As you move to the main Candida diet protocol, after your cleanse, you can also begin to incorporate probiotics into your routine, but those should wait until your cleanse is complete. For antifungal supplement you should try canxidaremove.

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